Talk to my Agent

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Amanda from Mays Homemade contacted me some time ago and asked if I would do an interview for her blog. While I don’t claim to be the most interesting person in the world, I always jump at the opportunity when one blogger wants to highlight another. It makes my heart flutter!

Mays Homemade

She’s got a pretty spectacular blog, but if you’d like to read the interview, head on over here. I have some pretty profound things to say, and I think some of them may change the world as we know it.

If that doesn’t get you over there, maybe some cute pics from Amanda’s blog will help.

Thanks to Amanda for featuring and helping us learn about other bloggers!

How to Reupholster a Chair

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Okay. I was trying to find one of my own posts the other day, and I couldn’t. That’s bad. As a result, I’m making my post titles a little “less creative”. No fun…but way less frustrating!

Alert! Alert! There are a LOT of words in this post. Prepare yourself.

You’ve asked, and I’ve heard ya. You want a tutorial. You want me to say, “Oh, it was such a breeze. These three pictures will walk you through the easy peasy process.” That’s not gonna happen.  I really did try to be conscious of taking pictures throughout this “easy” project, but I definitely skipped over some steps—usually the ones that made me want to cry.  Here goes.

First, rip off all the old fabric. For me, this was a combination of a pair of needle nose pliars, and a flat head screwdriver. There were approximately 7,301 staples. It’ll take forever, and you’ll never want to do it again.  It will basically become a shell once you’re done.  I did NOT worry about removing every single staple. There were plenty left behind, but it was the staples or my nerves. I chose my nerves.

chair frame

Everybody told me to save the old fabric as a pattern. I did that. I didn’t use it, however.  In hindsight, it would have helped me around the front arms, but I was afraid it wouldn’t work for me. That’s up to you.

chair pattern

Because I couldn’t use the archaic fluff/ batting in the back of the chair, I bought a piece of fiberfill/padding to replace it with.  I simply laid the chair on it, and drew out a stencil. Then I cut it out to fit.

chair backing

One of the most difficult parts was getting the back fabric on. I chose a linear fabric—bad idea. Notice the squigglies. I stapled it at the centers and just pulled around as I went. On top of this fabric is an upholstery “ribbon” to offer some support for the back. Just one strip, but I imagine you could use more.

reupholster chair

Once the back fabric was on, I stuffed the batting into the shape of the chair. I used the new batting as my stencil for the fabric for this section. I laid it on my fabric and cut a couple inches more around it.

how to reupholster a chair

This is probably the best picture to show you the back portion. I stapled, stapled, stapled. This was a fairly easy section to work on. I bought an electric stapler at Lowes for $30.00. I would never have done this with a manual stapler. I got a blister using the one I had—I can’t imagine what my hands would have looked like without it.

chair reupholstered

Onto the seat. Since the cushion was in fairly good condition, I opted to leave it on. I did put a layer of batting over it just to keep the seat smooth. I stapled it on and trimmed off the excess.

chair foam batting

Here’s a good picture to show that it’s just kind of cut around the arms. The old cushion can be seen underneath.


recovering chair

Well, here’s where it gets tricky. The arms. Ick. I hated them. This is where I wish I would have used the old fabric for a template. I didn’t, and it shows. You can see there’s a slight tear right behind the arm. If this was going to be used as a more functional chair, I would have re-cut the fabric. Since it’s mostly a “show chair”, I didn’t worry about it. I just kept tucking, and pulling until I got the best look. Then, stapled.chair trim

The other tricky part was making the corners smooth around the seat cushion. I imagine everyone has their preference as to how it should be tucked. There’s no set way, I guess. I just tried to make it as smooth as possible, and I stapled it on!

reupholster chair

chair tutorial

Once all your staples are in place, it’ll be a little tricky to make sure you trim all the excess fabric around them. You don’t want it to show on the other side of the decorative cording. That was kind of a pain.louis philippe chair

The easiest (and final) part is the trim. I chose a chunkier trim because I knew my staples would be a bit wonky. Every bit of coverage helped me! Nothing fancy here. I just hot glued it all the way around.


I let the hot glue set for just a couple seconds before applying the trim. It saved me from another second degree burn, and it kept the glue from oozing out around the edges too much.

chair trim

Here’s a close up of some of the details just to see. Far from perfect, but who looks that closely anyway?

french chair

My fingers are crossed that my company stays about 6 feet away from it and looks at it from a 33 degree angle with their eyes slightly closed. Then, it’ll look just perfect!french chair

I can’t imagine I answered every question you have, so feel free to Facebook me if you need more info! A couple of people have asked about the fabric/paint. The paint is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, and the fabric is Tommy Bahama San Cristobal.

Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert on reupholstering furniture. I KNOW there is a better way to do this, but it’s a scary thing to attempt. I want people to know that it can be done. It might not be perfection, but it sure did save money! Good luck!!!!!

September Advertising

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I’m sure there’s a much fancier, more professional way of doing this, but I have to keep things as simple as possible if this is to remain a hobby for me--a hobby that suffers miserably if the finances don’t stay balanced.

I update all my advertising on the 1st of each month, and September is going to see some openings!


I’ve looked everywhere for one of these trees, and they’re just nowhere to be found. Thankfully, my advertisers help with the needs of blogging. I can’t thank my advertisers enough for making this blog what it is. Without you, Just a Girl would be Just a Blog.

For those interested, one month of advertising is just $25.00. Simply send me an e-mail before the first of the month! Thank you for letting me talk business for a minute!

Where Have I Been?

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This temporary single-motherhood is starting to get the best of me. It’s not that I haven’t found time to blog, it’s that I haven’t found time to do anything to actually blog about! You with me on that one?

Sooooo wanna go on a picture tour of what I have been doing? First up, I celebrated this little one’s 8th birthday.


The beadboard is up. Now it’s caulk, wood filler, sand, caulk, stare at it, caulk, walk away. Come back, stare at paint swatches, move them around, caulk. Repeat.


I keep telling myself it’ll be worth it in the end. If there is an end.


I painted this room, and I hate the color. I can’t stand it when I paint something white, and it has a pink undertone to it. It’s so close to being done, and I now have to gut it again to re-paint it. Something I’m not necessarily in the mood for, but it must. be. done.


I grounded my daughter because her room looked like this.


I grounded my son because his room looked like this.


To make all the “pain” go away, I went on a therapeutic shopping trip. After my 2 hour drive home, I removed one of the frames to find this. Come on!


I may or may not have purchased some of this stuff. It took all I had not to buy more. IMG_3248

I’m sure going back to work in a couple of weeks will make all of this way easier, right? I’m off!  Gotta buy more caulk!

Shopping at Habitat

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Hubby’s gone, and my in-laws have taken my kids to Chicago for four days. As they pulled out of the driveway this morning, it took me about 3.4 seconds to jump in the car and go shopping!restores-3 I was excited to go to our local Habitat Restore for the first time.  If you don’t know what they are, it’s basically a store where builders/contractors donate building or home materials and sell them for less.  The money then goes back to help Habitat for Humanity.


They had tons of ceramic tiles. Floor tiles, bath tiles, tiles, tiles, tiles.


While the chandeliers were a bit dated, they certainly had a nice selection. This is just one area of them.

Anyone wanna reupholster some chairs? Uhhh…I DON’T. 558218720_1977899102_0

They even had rolls of fabric. I don’t know that I would use any of it, but it surprised me.558219099_1977900527_0

I was inches away from buying these cute light fixtures, but my husband is electrically challenged. They’d never get installed, but they were only $5.00!


My cousin recently bought a house and completely gutted it.  She replaced every single interior door from Habitat Restore. All the doors had come from an old school building. and they even had the skeleton keys still with them.  How charming, right?


I thought these cabinet doors would have been fun to use! They were a couple of dollars.


I thought for sure I had a picture of it, but they had an entire section of molding! Trim galore, people!

Sadly, I went to about 11 shops today, and the only thing I bought was an oil change. SO not fun.

I’ll be making up for it tomorrow with a trip to Ikea!  Yee Hee!

Beadboard: The Master Plan

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My secret plan has worked! (Insert evil laugh here). If you’re ever worried that your father in law will be less than pleased to help you install some beadboard, try this.

art in the bathroom

Completely Coastal

Step 1: Have your 7-year old daughter call him and jabber his ears off about her dentist appointment today and that Maximus farted while he was sitting down earlier.

Step 2: Well, that’s the only step really. This is where I got on the phone and had the following conversation:

Me: Hey Dad. I was actually calling for a reason.

Dad: You are, huh?

Me: Yeah. I was hoping you could come up and help me installsomebbrdntheBATHROOM.

Dad: What’s that? You have to go to the bathroom?

Me: No, no. I don’t think so. I was hoping you could come installsomebbrdntheBATHROOM.

Dad: Ahhhh…I think I heard the word install that time.

Me: Oh! Well, I guess if you want to come install it, that’d be a good idea too.

Dad: Does Thursday sound good?

Me: I love you.

It went well, don’t you think? I should clarify. If I called my FIL at 3:00 in the morning and told him there was a spider in my house, he’d come over and have it killed before I could even hang up the phone. He will do anything for us. The conversation was just my way of messin’ with him. ‘Cause he’s also really fun to mess with!

Coastal Living

The Cinderella Chair

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Here she is. She may be the prettiest little thing in town right now, but she’s been the bane of my existence for months.  Don’t let her looks fool you.

french chair

Well, I guess her looks can fool you just a little bit.  ‘Cause she sho’ is pretty.

reupholstered chair

I feel like I struggle with so many things not turning out exactly as I had planned, but this one exceeded my expectations. I think it’s just the chair. Look at those curves! You just can’t go wrong with curves like that!

zebra pillow

To give her a smidge of bling, I purchased this zebra pillow on clearance at Wal-Mart. Perfection.brown zebra pillow

Oh wait. Did I say perfection? I meant that if you turn the lights down low and squint your eyes quite a bit. Believe me, she’s got her flaws.

refinished chair

As I gaze upon her beauty and bask in my accomplishment, something feels like it’s staring at me.  Do you see it? 

louis philippe chair

Oh that’s right. I stupidly bought two chairs. My accomplishment is only an accomp. It’s half done! It’s the dishwasher filled, but not turned on! It’s the toilet paper put on the roll, but put on backwards! I curse you other chair!

 orange louis philippe chairs

I won’t let her bring me down (yet). For now, I appreciate that at least one is done, and it’s GAWGEOUS!  I’m also one step closer to finishing my craft room.  Not long, and she’ll be able to be revealed as well!finished french chair

Who knows what those girls were thinking, but the ladies behind The CSI Project have asked me to be a guest judge this week!  I think that’s too cool! Go check it out and link up your creative idea!


THAT Chair

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Remember when I purchased these beauties last summer and naively assumed I’d reupholster them? Notice how I just said “last summer”? Well, I finally finished one. One. And it nearly broke me.


I’m inches away (literally) from being done, but I ran short of some trim. Tomorrow, my dears.

In other news, I gave you a hint about my next project the other day. It’s come time to do some beadboard paneling in the kids’ bathroom. It’s a room with no windows, and it’s in need of some architectural help. Does beadboard really count as architectural?

image-98And because I never seem to choose to do anything the easy way, I want wide plank paneling. It’s not that it’s really more difficult, but it’s definitely not as popular when it comes to finding some inspiration pics. GEES!



I originally wanted the paneling to go horizontally. However, it’s a little intimidating since I’ve never even done beadboard before.


I’m hoping my FIL will help me, and he doesn’t do well with things done “differently”.  So, it looks like it’ll be going vertical.

Stenciled towels

My question for you? Any advice you wanna give this novice beadboarder? I’m going pretty high with the height, and I’m replacing the baseboards entirely. Who knows why I just told you that. Maybe it’ll factor in on your advice?

P.S. I said “I” 15 times in this post. That’s ridiculous.