Savings and SAS Day

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Remember days ago when I said, “I’m back!” Well…now I’m back. What can I say? Life gets in the way. Sounds like a song…eh? Alright, I’ll stop.

I have more to tell you about it next week, but essentially my craft room is a chaotic mess right now. I’m going in a new direction. I’m selling furniture. I’m buying furniture. Busy times, little craft room!

I wanted a desk designated just for sewing. I can’t possibly be the exception here, but I feel like I always have something to sew. A hem here, a pair of pants there… So I was on the hunt for a small desk. And then I found it. 

Jonathan Adler knew exactly what I was looking for and made this desk just. for. me. The sleek shape, the sexy lines, the shiny legs--drool-worthy, I tell ya.

click to view full size

And then he put a $1750.00 price tag on it. Say WHA? I said $1,750.00!! I couldn’t even afford the tax on it. Sigh. Good bye, desk.

click to view full size

Never fear, however. I spotted Josephine, and it was love at first site! She was only $200, and I had a 25% off coupon. Take that, Jonathan!

Before you look at these pictures, let me ask that you refrain from sending hate mail. It is NOT accessorized or functional yet. I simply wanted to show you her beauty.

world market desk

She fits into the space perfectly, and I’ve already used the sewing machine since putting it in its new home. Who cares if I had to sew while on my knees? I’m on the look out for one luscious “sewing” chair, and it should be all set.

josephine desk

So that’s what I’ve been up to. It took me a whole week to put a desk up against a wall. I’m going to guess your week was more creatively productive. That’s your cue! Link on up for me!

Pier 1 Possibilities

Pier 1 Possibilities

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As each new season approaches, Pier 1 is thee store I go to for inspiration and decor! It’s been a long time favorite of mine, and this season is certainly no exception.

Because I like texture throughout my house, I often use outdoor furniture inside my house. I gathered some of my favorite “summer” items from Pier 1, and it looks like an indoor room, right?! You could easily use any of these pieces inside or outside.

pier 1

Summer is certainly not the longest season when you live in Michigan, so I love that Pier 1 offers timeless (or in this case, season-less) serving ware. It’s fun, festive, and summery, but I could easily use it anytime of the year.

A Casual Get-TogetherA Casual Get-TogetherA Casual Get-Together

And finally, how can a neutral-loving girl embrace the color of summer decor? My advice…use small pops of it. It’s no secret that I love the softer hues of items, but there are definitely moments where I need—dare I say desire—some color. In order to keep myself from breaking out in hives, I keep the items small.

I may or may not have bought every single one of these items this weekend. Looking at them all together seems like a LOT of color, but just imagine them as an adorable and fresh accent throughout a whole house. I’m too excited!




If you plan on being in any of the following locations, they are hosting another Pier 1 Tweetups! I am missing out on it, but you could certainly attend! Have fun and tell us all about it!


And finally, how can one resist some extra spending money--especially when it comes to a favorite store! Click on the link to see where you could be the possible winner of $500 from Pier 1! contest rules

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Guess Who’s Back? Back Again.

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T-H-A-N-K  Y-O-U for every kind word, comment, message, e-mail, card, and prayer that was sent my way since we last “spoke”. I truly can’t tell you how much it means to me. More importantly, it all  impressed my sweet grandpa—and that’s not easy to do.

I’ve had family here from all over the country, so you can imagine how much my creative time has been squelched. However, an ice storm on our 2nd day of spring (this is Michigan, after all) allowed me to do some much needed inspiration shopping.

Wanna see what I’ve got on the brain? Here are some snippets (click on pictures for the link)…

blue silk curtains

I KNOW, right? This neutral girl feels like she’s gonna break out into hives every time I think about buying these. But I’m drawn to them. Like a moth to the flame…

stenciled ceiling

No, I won’t be doing this. I don’t think. It’s an absolute favorite of mine. I could look at it all day.studded console

Couldn’t get a larger picture of it, but you get the idea. I’m pretty sure this cabinet is a couple thousand dollars. Uhhh…I won’t be spending that much.frameless mirror

She will be mine. And she will be mine soon. Do I really need to explain why? Dreamy.

yorkshire terrier

And finally…my daughter wants a puppy for her birthday (in August!). Luckily, she wants one that tops out at 7 inches tall—the size of this guy’s ear.


Stuff is startin’ to happen around here, so I’ll be back to “normal” next week! Thank you for your patience!


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I've often spoken of my dear grandparents and my unexplainable love for them. My grandmother passed away this morning, and I'm absolutely heartbroken.

I grew up living in the same neighborhood as them, and my childhood memories are filled with enough love to last lifetimes. My family is very small which undoubtedly makes us very close. 

I'll be taking a few days off to be with them--especially my dear grandfather who is now a widow after 65 years of unfaltering love.

If only we could all be so lucky, right?

Creating Your Masterpiece E-book

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I’ve been sitting on a little nugget of information that I’ve been wanting to pass on for some time now. My friend Shaunna is absolutely brilliant when it comes to refinishing furniture (well, I’m sure she’s brilliant at other things too), and she has written her first e-book.

The cover alone is knock-your-socks-off gorgeous, isn’t it? She basically does things to furniture that I didn’t even know could be done. I was feeling really cool about myself when I painted things and didn’t have any brush strokes in them. After seeing her work, I am suddenly realizing I’m not so cool.

Her inspiration gallery is downright endless. I could have selected numerous pieces to include in this post, but I limited it to a few of my favorites. FYI: The chest of drawers above is my soul mate. Love. it.

Why would any talented painter stop at furniture? Why wouldn’t she paint her door? I love every inch of this picture.

Alright. Here’s the fabulous news. Shaunna has written 203 pages of information for you on how to paint/stain/beautify furniture. If you’re like me, you’ll hang on her every. word. If you’re really like me, you’ll watch the video tutorials over and over ‘cause you just love hearing her voice. How much?



It only took me 7 attempts on my calculator, but I think that’s about $.05 cents a page! It’s either that or $5.00 a page. I couldn’t quite figure it out.

I wouldn’t promote something that I didn’t truly believe in, and I believe in Shaunna. I’ve read the e-book cover to cover numerous times, and I’ve taken a lot of notes. It’s that good.

I’m including this second picture to prove that we’re friends. Look at her right shoulder. Those are my fingers. That means we’re friends ‘cause my arm is around hers. She’s politely trying to pull away, but I clearly have the vice grip on her.


All you have to do is click on one of the e-book links that I’ve provided, and you’ll be on your way to your very own e-book. Feel free to visit Shaunna at Perfectly Imperfect, too. It’s one of my absolute favorites!

Creating Your Masterpiece

SAS Day and a Tutorial

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I had several questions about the “towel rack” in the bathroom. It all started with the knobs. I found them at Hobby Lobby, and I immediately fell in love. I’m pretty sure it was my practical husband who accused me of “buy now/think later-itus”.

Nautical bathroom

What I didn’t think about at the time of purchase is how they were actually going to attach to the shelf. Oh, that and the fact that there was no way the towels were even going to stay on the rounded, slippery knobs. Woops.

Nautical towel rack

I spouted something like, “I’m sure you can make it work” to my husband when it came to attaching the knobs, and I went to work on the towels. I laid the towel out on the table to measure out the center.

kohls towel

I went through my ribbon selection to match something up. It didn’t have to be fancy really. I just wanted something that was somewhat sustainable.

towel hook

Once the center was measured out, I attached a three-inch stretch of ribbon and ran it through the sewing machine. I chose a surger stitch. No, that’s not the actual name. It’s just the stitch that I goes back and forth a lot. I thought it would hold better.

Towel Hook tutorial

We got a little lucky when it came to the knobs. They came with a little decorative screw in the center, but hubby replaced it with a black screw so it could drill right into the shelf. I didn’t take any pictures of this process because I was thinking about what was best for my marriage. He was not too happy about having to figure this out. :)

Coastal Towel Rack

When it was all said and done, the towels just got slipped over the “hooks” and were ready to go. I will say that this system has worked out brilliantly for the kids! No more wet towels all over the floor—totally worth the marital risk!

Okay. It’s your turn! I’ve got some highlights from the past couple of weeks to show you. You people are so talented!

The Bathroom Resource List

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How in the world can I possibly thank each of you for your kind comments, e-mails, tweets, and Facebook mentions? You certainly know how to make a girl feel like she’s accomplished something! Thanks so much!

Well, the big question was the cabinets. I’m still working on that post, so until then, I thought I’d give a little resource list to combine all those “where’d you get that?” questions.

I wrote a whole post on the monogram art here. What I might not have included is that the font for the initials is Modern No. 20.

nautical bath

I found the rugs at World Market (Cost Plus) for $16.99 a piece. I could NOT find a runner that would fit this space, so these work out perfectly.

jute rug

The towel hooks are actually dresser knobs from Hobby Lobby. This shelf is pretty much rigged. I’ll explain that later. It meant I had to change up the knobs just a bit, but it worked out nicely.

bathroom wall art

I did paint the ceiling. It was a Benjamin Moore paint (of course), but I’m still looking for the can that I specifically told my husband to make sure I don’t lose. Grr. I’ll be back with that one. The wall color is also by Ben Moore. I wanted something a little creamy, but not too ivory. I settled on Cotton Balls. Love it.

wide beadboard

The mirror (one of my first purchases—and my favorite) is from Hobby Lobby. I bought it half off for $25.00.

sunburst mirror

The basket is from Marshall’s, and the shell mix is a combo of shells we’ve collected and some I just purchased at shell shops in Florida.

shell basket

I know you want to know about the cabinets and the mirror frame. I promise I’ll get back with that. Until then, here’s an easy access list of the questions you want answers to. If I don’t answer something, feel free to Facebook me. It’s the easiest way for me to answer them! Enjoy!

  • Beadboard (wide plank) and crown molding: Lowes
  • Baseboards: Made out of MDF sheets that I had cut
  • Wall/beadboard paint color: Cotton Balls by Benjamin Moore
  • Ceiling paint color: Benjamin Moore…
  • Shelf: Rigged. I made it from a piece of wood and an old shelf I already had.
  • Wood cubby shelf: Flea Market ($5.00!)
  • Sunburst mirror and wood fish: Hobby Lobby
  • Shower Curtain: Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • Rugs: Cost Plus World Market
  • Wire basket, small clock: Marshalls/TJ Maxx

Coastal Bathroom

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Back in July, I decided I needed to do something to my kids’ bathroom. The white on white just wasn’t working for me, and I needed something different. The only problem is that this was back in July…of 2008. Yes. That’s when this “remodel” began, and it is finally finished.

The before pictures are also before I had a good camera. It also helps emphasize how much better the afters are. You with me still? Ok. I give you the before.

painting bathroom cabinets

Don’t get me wrong—I LOVE white. It’s my favorite color. But with no window and well, no window, it just didn’t do it for me. You ready for the after? How ‘bout a during? Still with the crappy camera.

painting bathroom cabinets

Alright. No more messin’ around. Here’s the after…

nautical bathroom

Amazing what a new camera will do, eh? Well, that and some beadboard, crown molding, and a ton of absolutely perfect accessories. 

coastal bathroom

This angle gives you a much better idea of what the beadboard looks like. (Having no natural light in here proved to be VERY tricky when photographing.) I decided on the wider plank beadboard—I think it looks more beachy—and I would have gone even wider if I could have found it!

coastal bathroom

My favorite item in the room was also the least expensive. I found this little printer’s/stamp box for $5.00 at a flea market, and it now houses shells that we’ve collected on our family trips to the beach. L-o-v-e.

nautical bathroom

Needless to say, I am so glad this room is done! It took a lot of work (and some hard labor from my FIL), but I’m thinking it was totally worth it!

beach bathroom

Because I never know how to approach these “room reveals”, I guess I’ll just see if you have any questions. If you’re anything like me, you do! There are a few things I should probably share with you (painting the cabinets, making the mirror frame, baseboards, and shelf, blah, blah, blah), but for now I hope you enjoy!

coastal bathroom