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We went home this weekend to visit one of the loves of my life.  My grandfather.  My grandmother was recently put into a nursing home (heartbreaking), and a visit home is always a good fix for me when I’m feeling sad about their aging.


Of course, another good fix is staying at my mom’s.  While I always knew I was growing up in a beautiful, well-appreciated home, it wasn’t until I became an adult that I appreciated all the work that goes into it.


As soon as we pull into the driveway, the burst of color and the peaceful sound of water fountains greets us. 


It’s virtually impossible to make it from the car to the front door without stopping to take it all in (and feel envious that your potato vines look nothing like that!).

IMG_1924 IMG_1951

Uhhh…that’s just the front.  Who knows what I was thinking when I didn’t take a picture of the entire yard.  Perhaps I was too focused on my mom’s potting shed. Oh, how I want one of these!


She has little “centers” all over the yard.  There’s no fixating on just one area, which I think makes it so fun to walk around and take in.



Another highlight is her patio.  She lights these globe torches at night, making for an incredible night scene as well. 

IMG_1927  IMG_1930

Of course, as you tour the gardens, you’ll spot little hummingbirds, angels, fairies, lady bugs, frogs…you name it.  She’s got an ornamental knack!


Her shade garden.  Ugh.  I WISH I had a shade garden.


I only took a couple of pics of her Florida room.  According to her, it’s still in progress.   I’ll have to wait until my next visit to get more, but I would pay good money to have a room just like this!      


She’s not gonna like me for this, but I have to put a picture of her on here.  You need to see the genius behind it all.  That being said, she’d want me to tell you that those are her old, backup glasses.  She’s waiting for her new ones to come in.  I got your back, mom!


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