Beautiful Butterflies

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Original title, I know.  My Silhouette and I had a great weekend together.  We giggled, had pillow fights, and made crafts together.  It was a hoot.  What I should have made clear earlier is that my Silhouette was given to me by their VERY generous company. 


Apparently, they got together at their huge, executive conference table and said, “We must find an innovative mind that can handle this machine and do it justice.”  After that didn’t work out, they must have said, “Well, let’s just find some goofy blogger who gets all sweaty at the thought of using our machine.” Enter ME!

silhouette butterflies

I’ve seen projects like this on  the web, and I’ve always wanted one.  However, the thought of cutting out 36 tiny butterflies was just not appealing to me.  My Silhouette jumped at the chance!  She’s so good to me.

scrapbook butterflies

We only argued just a little when the machine wouldn’t measure out exactly where I was supposed to put the butterflies.  I said, “But I’m horrible at measurements!” and she said, “Quit acting like I can talk to you!”  It got weird.

silhouette butterflies 

At least the project turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it to!  It’s sooo pretty!

butterflies frame It fits perfectly in the space I had planned for it, and it’s fresh and girly!  Yee Hee! 

craft butterflies

I’m gonna end this post with a little quiz for you.  Which decoration did I choose for my daughter’s room, and which decoration did she choose?  Not that I blame her or anything.  It’s just not quite the look I was going for.

butterflies cut

P.S.  Stay tuned…I’ve got some pretty great announcements coming up that YOU’RE gonna like!

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