Ribbon 411 (and a sneak peak!)

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Ribbon!!!  Gah!  Is there no fool proof way of organizing it?  If we can send people to the moon, shouldn’t we be able to cure ribbon woes?  I tried everything—boxes, clips, spools, hocus pocus, magic…you name it.  Nothing worked for me.  Then I saw some inspiration at Hobby Lobby with a little card, and I knew I was onto something.  Or Cropper Hopper was onto something.  xprd119192_m

Step 1—wait.  Step 0.1:  Don’t pick up anything in the background of your pictures.  Ok…

Step 1:  Gather the right materials.  I got all my ribbon around, cut up some cardboard I had laying around (more on that later), and bought a cute basket at the dollar store.


Step 2:  Sort.  Once I had all my ribbon in one place,  I went through and organized them as best I could by color.  Step 2.5:  Realize I have a bit of an issue with green ribbon.


Step 3:  Wrap and tape, wrap and tape, wrap and tape until you have a pretty little basket full of pretty little ribbons.


While the other ideas were good for other people, I knew I wanted as much of my ribbon together as possible.  And I wanted it condensed.


Later in the week, I’ll be able to show you where I’m storing it. Wanna see a sneak peak of where I’m storing it?


 You guessed it.  Right there in that flower bouquet.  It’s so condensed, you can’t even see it.

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