I’m Alive!

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I have returned from a trip back home to visit with my brother and nephew who were in town.  I haven’t seen them in three years, so there was a lot of family bonding.  My computer was feeling left out, but I’m sure you guys did just great without me!


My 16-year old nephew was king for the week.  My little ones couldn’t get enough of him!


We celebrated my son’s 11th birthday.  Because tradition is very important to this family, you might notice that part of the cake is missing in the top right corner.  Can you guess who served himself that piece? I’ll give you a hint.


And, of course, you know how I feel about this guy.  I’ll leave you with a conversation he had with my brother while we were home.


My brother: “Pop, what did you guys do for entertainment back in your day?”

Pop: “Have kids.”


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