SAS in Review and Facebook

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Home in the Country made this chair into the dreamy state it’s in now. You wouldn’t believe what it looked like before!  Isn’t it gorgeous?


Amanda at The Hand Me Down House has created what I think is gonna be VIRAL all over blogland. I’m not telling you how she did it. Go see her.  You’ll be amazed.

Mod Podge Lantern 025

Kelli Whimsikel has way more patience and way more talent than I do. She made this pillow. And it wasn’t even round when she started!


The Design Fanatic just made her closet into a chic apartment if you ask me!  I just keep looking at all the little details.

Show and Share Day is still going strong, but I wanted to feature some beauties before I proceed through the week.  Thank you sooo much to those of you who joined in!  It was a nice virtual tour for me!

In other news, Just a Girl has gone on World Tour!  Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration.  I have developed a Facebook page though!  I’m quite a moron about these things, but I’m pretty sure I got it to work!  Come say “Hi” and make all the panic worth it!

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