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The husband is home (still have to write a post on that one) just in time to get all my Halloweeny stuff down from the garage. I was determined not to buy anything new this year. Okay, determined not to buy a lot of new things this year.


I purchased this Martha Stewart window vinyl on clearance two years ago. I was determined to use it somehow, but my windows wouldn’t have it. Sooo I painted a piece of scrap panel I had in the garage and spray glued it right on there.


I’m not a fan of mantels that don’t have enough height to them, so I always try to find something to balance that issue. My favorite resource? Branches. I simply cut them off trees outside and spray a dusting of spray paint on them. I don’t want them looking too polished. 


Yes. I tend to have a thing for witches. It’s a conscious effort not to buy every little spooky girl out there. This little glitter gal was purchased for $10.00 at Hobby Lobby. Love her.


Speaking of glitter…it’s a must. I tend to like simple colors (how many times have I said that?!), so glitter brings the texture I need! Oh! The skulls? Dollar Store.


The Halloweening is in full force at Just a Girl’s house! I’m sure I’ll be back with more later.


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