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Look at that. A clever title and I can probably find it in the future. Okay. I have been trying to teach my children about the value of a written thank you recently. While I’m kind of obsessed with stationery, I have admittedly gotten away from using it as often as I should.

Thanks to winning a $50.00 gift card to Tiny Prints last fall, I was finally able to fulfill my return address label obsession. My husband sooo doesn’t get it, but I was as giddy as a school girl when these arrived the other day!


I purchased 7 sets! I got everyday and holiday labels for us (hubs and myself) and for the kids. The only problem now was finding somewhere to keep all my paper goods so that I can’t use that as an excuse when it comes to sending out more correspondence. Enter Salvation Army, and my $2.99 cent organizer. Ewww.

IMG_3279 - Copy

Wanna see what some glossy white spray paint and some cute paper can do for it? Ta da!


I used my Silhouette machine (love her!) to cut out all the tab papers and the stickers! I have the address labels in front (the snowflake is for winter labels), and my stationery is in the back pockets.


I wasn’t really sure how to label those just yet, so for now they stay blank. It’s quite girly and frilly, but it’s housed in my craft room--my girly and frilly room! I imagine you could go much more tailored with this as well. Decisions, decisions.


She’s now stationed (stationed—hilarious) in her new home. On a gloomy day, I reached into my cheery stationery organizer and wrote my friend a note. Mission accomplished.


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