It’s Halloween Time!

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I’ve had parent/teacher conferences this week, so the homefront has suffered. Greatly. In an effort to post without having to post, I thought I’d show the project that I shared over at eighteen25 awhile ago. Enjoy!

Get it? It’s Halloween Time…my post is about a clock…if you put the two…ok. You get it. It’s not that funny.


I’ve had this clock sitting in my basement for 7.9 years. I guess it’s time to use it. Get it? Time to…alright. Enough.


The supplies you need to spookify a clock?

  • Uhhhh…a clock
  • I used my Silhouette machine for the webs, but I imagine you could even draw them freehand.
  • Glitter spiders courtesy of Pier One (I know! Pier One?)
  • Spray paint

Before you do anything else, make sure to lay your clock parts out in the order that you take them off and take a picture of it. Trust me on this one. You’ll refer to it once you want to put it back together.


I spray painted the clock with some primer (since the background was so dark) and white glossy paint. I found a cool looking spider web on my Silhouette program and had it cut them in various sizes on some black vinyl.


I knew from the beginning that I wanted some dimension to it, but I had no idea where I’d find the spiders. I literally stumbled upon them in the store, and they were exactly what I was looking for. I simply hot-glued the underside and stuck it onto the clock. Tip: I marked where the original numbers were on the clock on the back, so I would know where to place each spider.


My total spent? $3.00 on the spiders. Everything else I already had on hand. It was an easy project!


The only difficulty now if figuring out where I’m going to put it!


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