Yes. Michigan.

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Last weekend, my husband and I somehow got rid of both of our kids for the whole day. What did we decide to do with our special (and rare) time together? Take the Nemesis on a date, of course.


He had never been to the “big beach” as we call it, so it was pretty fun watching him go nuts with excitement. And by nuts with excitement, I mean run 15 feet, stop to make sure we’re behind him, and repeat.


My brother has lived on California for 20 years, and when he came to visit us a couple summers ago, he kept saying, “I can’t get over how it looks just like the ocean.”


Since my husband is deathly afraid of sharks (It is at this point that he would quickly correct me and say I’m over-exaggerating), it’s nice that we have such a large body of water to swim in without him crying like a little girl if he goes out too far.



The best part about where we live? Exactly 38.2 minutes later, and we were here. This nature preserve/hiking trail is right down the road from us.

IMG_4126 IMG_4131

We took another rare (and awkward) opportunity to take some pictures of each other. If you squint your eyes and blur out the big girl in the middle, you’ll be able to appreciate the colors!


Of course, my idea of taking pictures, and my husband’s idea tend to vary quite a bit. Here’s his version of some nice pictures.


His senior picture pose. Oh, come onnnnnn…you know the one!


After several takes and a LOT of laughing, we got one of us together. I think the last time this happened, Seinfeld was the #1 show on television.

IMG_4158_edited-1  IMG_4168


A big tree.  53 seconds later, my husband was climbing it, hitting his head on a branch, and getting his foot stuck in a hole. 67 seconds later I was peeing my pants from laughter.


Okay. So it’s a lot of pictures. But in a couple of months, we’ll be buried in some really cold white stuff.


Hopefully, these will serve as a reminder of why I love living in this state! I’ll let you know if it works.


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