SAS Day and a New Toy!

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Oops. Apparently when I schedule a new post, I’m supposed to actually schedule the new post. Sorry it’s late!

I’m not sure how we did it, but we survived two weeks without a dryer. Actually, I know how we did it. We employed our friend’s dryer (Thank you, Sarah!), and we suggestively left three bags of laundry asked my mother-in-law if we could use her dryer while we were back home for a week.

ge washer dryer

If you remember some time ago, my washing machine broke, and my husband stared at it for days attempted to fix it. Since we bought a new washing machine, I’ve simply been waiting for my dryer to die as well. It died. Finally.

front load washer dryer

I quickly learned that the washer/dryer people like to change their machines quite often because it was impossible to buy the dryer that matched our rather new washer. I was beside myself. How could this be? I could NOT parade around town gloating about my new dryer knowing full-well that it did. not. match.

matching washer dryer

You see my concern yet? The handle. It’s like having a new eyeball inserted, and it’s the wrong color. It’s a cheekbone in only one cheek! It’s having one eyebrow waxed! The humanity! I digress. It would have cost $200 (which I was gladly ready to pay before my husband stepped in) to get the different door on it.

ge washer dryer

If you think anything like my husband, you fully understand that it is NOT a big deal. If you think anything like me, you know that one must continue saying, “You’re lucky to have a dryer. You’re lucky to have a dryer” to get to that point. Oh, and it’s not the same color. I’m just sayin’. Not a big deal or anything. :)

How ‘bout we take this post in another direction, and you show me what you’ve been doing lately? Perhaps you got one cheekbone inserted, and you’d like to share it with us? Let’s see!

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