SAS Day and “Normal”

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I’m on mid-winter break this week, so I decided to gut the kids’ bedrooms. As I approached the rooms with my hazmat suit, I found it funny how differently they seem to play. Case in point--

boys weapons

He’s the “typical” boy with his arsenal of weapons and the ultimate Star Wars battle.

star wars battle

Then, there’s my daughter. She has her books lined up for her “students” and has written her very own Santa book.

school books

No girl’s room is complete without a plethora of jewelry, some ultra-cute writing utensils, and the ever classic chick flick “Aquamarine”.

jewelry table

Of course, no cleaning day would be complete without finding this on her work desk.

kids table

Apparently, after a tough round of tic-tac-toe, a cup of jo just won’t take the edge off.  My little 8-year old has realized that she needed something just a little stronger. That can’t be normal, right? Do you find this stuff in your kids’ rooms?

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