Lightscoop: My New Favorite!

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Before I say anything else, you need to know that I received no compensation for this post. I’m simply madly in love with this new gadget, and you MUST know about it!

The other day I was stalking perusing Tatertots and Jello, and Jen mentioned this product. It’s called Lightscoop, and it changes the way you’ll take pictures with a flash for-eh-vah.


Truth be told, I shoot everything in manual mode. My friend has the same camera as me, and she shoots entirely in automatic. What a shame, right? But I get it. Some people are just overwhelmed by it all, so they stick with what’s easy. Because there are some situations where you might need a flash, this is just the gadget for you.

All of my “before” shots are first. They are all shot in automatic mode, and each one of them called for a flash to be used—even though they were all shot during the day.

Lightscoop beforeLightscoop after 

Notice how the befores don’t give off the right coloring, and they’re bouncing light all over the place? Eww.

Lightscoop before Lightscoop after

Here’s my bed-headed little one on the computer. I peruse Tatertots and Jello. She peruses new American Girl dolls. Notice the washed out couch? The over-reflected hair? Check out the after!

lightscoop beforelightscoop after

I still can’t get over the next one. Shot during the day (around 12:30?). I think I pushed the flash up on this one, so I don’t know that automatic would have called for it. However, look what the Lightscoop did just 7.3 seconds later. Incredible.

lightscoop beforelightscoop after 

And finally, my needs-a-haircut son. He doesn’t peruse. Not when he’s watching Star Wars. He also doesn’t wear a shirt. Like ever. As he puts it, “I need my muscles to breath.” Here’s the before…


And here’s the after. Looks like they were shot at entirely different times, right? The coloring is SO much better.


I’m not a super impulsive buyer (my indecisiveness is a curse, I tell ya!), but as soon as I saw that this bad boy was only $30, I scooped one right up. (Pun intended.)


Easy to install, inexpensive, and spectacular results! Can’t beat that! I put a link to their site on the logo.  Let me know if you take the plunge! I’m anxious to hear if you love it too!

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