The Art of the Toilet Paper Roll

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Ahhhh….the master bedroom. It has eluded me for years, and I’m still trying to tackle it. It all comes down to one final element—art above our bed. I didn’t want to spend any much money; I was dealing with some difficult dimensions, and I wanted it to be VERY simple. How’s that for easy?

Here was my plan of attack--toilet paper or paper towel rolls. I tried using some wrapping paper rolls, but they were a little too thick to cut through easily, and they didn’t measure the same in width as the t.p. That stands for toilet paper—we’re tight like that.

toilet paper rolls

I measured out the rolls by about 1 1/2” marks and cut them into their little strips. Once they’re all cut out, I glued the joints of them together. I used hot glue because I knew I’d be painting them. Plus, it’s waaaaay faster.

paper towel rolls

I’ve seen them attached and arranged in a variety of ways, but I was very careful not to make mine too flowery. I didn’t really want flowers, but I did want a soft pattern. (The canvas was from Michaels for $15—it remains unpainted.)

paper roll art

I took the rolls/now shapes to the basement and spray painted away. I would highly recommend using primer for this. Obviously, these suckers soaked up the paint. I followed up with some glossy white paint.

just a girl paper roll art

So here it is. Toilet paper wall art. For $15.00.

paper roll art

Because my bedding and curtains have gray in them, I liked that the insides of the shapes throw off a bit of a gray tint. If you’re looking for a more solid color, I would look into painting them a little more carefully inside—perhaps with a paint brush?

just a girl toilet roll art

I’ll probably still play around with the shape of it. They’re easy to move around since I just attached with a little dollop (I like that word) of hot glue. When I get tired of it, I can throw out the rolls and reuse the canvas.

just a girl toilet paper art

toilet paper art

There’s some pretty good t.p. art out there. Googling it will provide you with a number of pictures, and you can just go from there. No “big reveal” of the bedroom just yet. Still some things to do, but THAT was a biggie.

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