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This is what I consider the “meat and potatoes” of a room transformation.  Oh sure, the board and batten tutorial was fine, but this is the fun part.  If you’re anything like me, this is the stuff I always want to know.


Again, the #1 question?  The chairs.  You’re going to hear this word a lot.  Ikea.  They were $59.99 (I think that included the slipcover).


The window treatments were also from Ikea.  They were $29.00 for a PAIR. You just don’t find window treatments that cheap.  They match the walls perfectly.

Another popular comment is on the “mirror” as many people thought it was.  In fact, it’s a candle platter I got at Ikea. It was on clearance for $14.99, and I wish I would have bought 10 of them.


Umm…the painting.  I did it. I bought a canvas (with a 40% off coupon) for $15.00. I simply used acrylic craft paint that I had on hand. Will it stay? Who knows. It was an extremely inexpensive way to add some color to the room, and I’m happy with it—for now.


Oh yeah.  The sticks were an Ikea purchase, too.  I bought them a long time ago, but it’s only fair that I mention it.  I actually think they still have ‘em. $15.00


I found these tall sticks (?) for $1.99 at Michaels on clearance.  The peacock feathers added a nice splash of color to a neutral room.  Love peacock feathers!


And finally, the lamp. It was a splurge for me at $39.99 (not $40) at TJMaxx.  I loved it because I didn’t have to do anything to it (woo hoo!), and it brought some curves to the otherwise linear room.


My friend Beth asked a question that I thought I should share.  I painted the birdhouse with craft paint. I use FolkArt Seamist, Raw Sienna, and White. It’s also the same colors I used for the painting on the wall. I just love them.

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