The Dining Room (said with echoes)

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Sorry…Blogger is having issues with comments, and I thought they’d be fixed by now.  They’re not.  Grr.

Let’s take this reveal back to the beginning, shall we?  We were just getting ready to attack it, so I wasn’t particularly concerned with lighting.


It was a green room with black furniture.  It was a pebble in my shoe, a thorn in my side—we didn’t get along well.


Prepare yourself for some pictures ‘cause I’m pretty happy with it.



Oh sure.  It’s not completely finished yet.  I’m looking for a new chandelier (pendant), and I can’t seem to find a vase for the arrangement that works.  It’s temporary.  I need to hem the curtains, but I’m simply too lazy.  Soon enough.




I will say that adding trimwork to any room can make drastic changes. Even without any accessories, it was galaxies better than what it was before!


I’ll come back with some details about the project. For now, I’m simply enjoying the fact that it’s done.  Almost.

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