It’s Moving Day

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I’ve got a couple of announcements for you.  I’ve decided to bite the bullet and purchase my own domain name.  Well, to be honest, it took me about 6 months just to figure out what that meant.


Now that I know (I think), you can find me at I don’t know if that’ll change things for you or not.  Just in case…I thought you should know.


Hold the phone!  That’s not the only change being made around here.  I’ve decided to move Show and Share Day to Friday from now on.  “Why?”, you ask?  Go ahead.  Ask why.


Being in the middle of the week, it simply imposed too much on my other posts.  Having it on Friday allows it to get more significant exposure throughout the weekend.  It’s helpful for the bloggers linking up and for the giveawayers.  Yes, that’s a word.  Okay then.  Mark your calendars?  See you on Friday!

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