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I can’t really move forward until I send out a heartfelt thank you for all your kind words regarding my previous post.  People I’ve never heard from before came out of the woodwork to share their stories and pass on words of encouragement. 

Whenever I doubt that I should get too personal on this blog, you ladies reassure and encourage.  Thank you!!

button_thumb[12] While I managed to feed, entertain, and clean two kids all week, I admittedly didn’t get much else accomplished.  It wasn’t so much my husband being gone as it was Shark Week.  I’m obsessed. 

When my husband called tonight to tell me he spent four hours shooting off machine guns, I replied, “Mmmm hmmm…yeah, ok. I wanna go to Jamaica and feed sharks. When do you think we could go?”  If you remember, my husband is deathly afraid of them.  Sooooo who wants to go with me? :)


Unbeknownst to my dear husband, I’ve got another project brewing. It’s a compilation of different features in all these pictures (and then some).

hallway4 bathroom, bath, room, clawfoot, tub, bathtub, white, granite, wainscot, plumbing, window, inside, interior, remodel, cabinet, elegant, expensive, beautiful, clean, immaculate, affluent, tile, floor, crown, molding, hardware, mirror, fixture, light, beadboard

Even without “revealing” the project, I think it’s pretty fun to gaze at some stunning rooms! Enjoy!


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