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Remember when I purchased these beauties last summer and naively assumed I’d reupholster them? Notice how I just said “last summer”? Well, I finally finished one. One. And it nearly broke me.


I’m inches away (literally) from being done, but I ran short of some trim. Tomorrow, my dears.

In other news, I gave you a hint about my next project the other day. It’s come time to do some beadboard paneling in the kids’ bathroom. It’s a room with no windows, and it’s in need of some architectural help. Does beadboard really count as architectural?

image-98And because I never seem to choose to do anything the easy way, I want wide plank paneling. It’s not that it’s really more difficult, but it’s definitely not as popular when it comes to finding some inspiration pics. GEES!



I originally wanted the paneling to go horizontally. However, it’s a little intimidating since I’ve never even done beadboard before.


I’m hoping my FIL will help me, and he doesn’t do well with things done “differently”.  So, it looks like it’ll be going vertical.

Stenciled towels

My question for you? Any advice you wanna give this novice beadboarder? I’m going pretty high with the height, and I’m replacing the baseboards entirely. Who knows why I just told you that. Maybe it’ll factor in on your advice?

P.S. I said “I” 15 times in this post. That’s ridiculous.

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