The Cinderella Chair

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Here she is. She may be the prettiest little thing in town right now, but she’s been the bane of my existence for months.  Don’t let her looks fool you.

french chair

Well, I guess her looks can fool you just a little bit.  ‘Cause she sho’ is pretty.

reupholstered chair

I feel like I struggle with so many things not turning out exactly as I had planned, but this one exceeded my expectations. I think it’s just the chair. Look at those curves! You just can’t go wrong with curves like that!

zebra pillow

To give her a smidge of bling, I purchased this zebra pillow on clearance at Wal-Mart. Perfection.brown zebra pillow

Oh wait. Did I say perfection? I meant that if you turn the lights down low and squint your eyes quite a bit. Believe me, she’s got her flaws.

refinished chair

As I gaze upon her beauty and bask in my accomplishment, something feels like it’s staring at me.  Do you see it? 

louis philippe chair

Oh that’s right. I stupidly bought two chairs. My accomplishment is only an accomp. It’s half done! It’s the dishwasher filled, but not turned on! It’s the toilet paper put on the roll, but put on backwards! I curse you other chair!

 orange louis philippe chairs

I won’t let her bring me down (yet). For now, I appreciate that at least one is done, and it’s GAWGEOUS!  I’m also one step closer to finishing my craft room.  Not long, and she’ll be able to be revealed as well!finished french chair

Who knows what those girls were thinking, but the ladies behind The CSI Project have asked me to be a guest judge this week!  I think that’s too cool! Go check it out and link up your creative idea!


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