Where Have I Been?

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This temporary single-motherhood is starting to get the best of me. It’s not that I haven’t found time to blog, it’s that I haven’t found time to do anything to actually blog about! You with me on that one?

Sooooo wanna go on a picture tour of what I have been doing? First up, I celebrated this little one’s 8th birthday.


The beadboard is up. Now it’s caulk, wood filler, sand, caulk, stare at it, caulk, walk away. Come back, stare at paint swatches, move them around, caulk. Repeat.


I keep telling myself it’ll be worth it in the end. If there is an end.


I painted this room, and I hate the color. I can’t stand it when I paint something white, and it has a pink undertone to it. It’s so close to being done, and I now have to gut it again to re-paint it. Something I’m not necessarily in the mood for, but it must. be. done.


I grounded my daughter because her room looked like this.


I grounded my son because his room looked like this.


To make all the “pain” go away, I went on a therapeutic shopping trip. After my 2 hour drive home, I removed one of the frames to find this. Come on!


I may or may not have purchased some of this stuff. It took all I had not to buy more. IMG_3248

I’m sure going back to work in a couple of weeks will make all of this way easier, right? I’m off!  Gotta buy more caulk!

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