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Hubby’s gone, and my in-laws have taken my kids to Chicago for four days. As they pulled out of the driveway this morning, it took me about 3.4 seconds to jump in the car and go shopping!restores-3 I was excited to go to our local Habitat Restore for the first time.  If you don’t know what they are, it’s basically a store where builders/contractors donate building or home materials and sell them for less.  The money then goes back to help Habitat for Humanity.


They had tons of ceramic tiles. Floor tiles, bath tiles, tiles, tiles, tiles.


While the chandeliers were a bit dated, they certainly had a nice selection. This is just one area of them.

Anyone wanna reupholster some chairs? Uhhh…I DON’T. 558218720_1977899102_0

They even had rolls of fabric. I don’t know that I would use any of it, but it surprised me.558219099_1977900527_0

I was inches away from buying these cute light fixtures, but my husband is electrically challenged. They’d never get installed, but they were only $5.00!


My cousin recently bought a house and completely gutted it.  She replaced every single interior door from Habitat Restore. All the doors had come from an old school building. and they even had the skeleton keys still with them.  How charming, right?


I thought these cabinet doors would have been fun to use! They were a couple of dollars.


I thought for sure I had a picture of it, but they had an entire section of molding! Trim galore, people!

Sadly, I went to about 11 shops today, and the only thing I bought was an oil change. SO not fun.

I’ll be making up for it tomorrow with a trip to Ikea!  Yee Hee!

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