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My students try to tell me that they will never use some of the Shakespearean terms that we talk about in class. There. I just proved them wrong. 

That’s where we’re at, however. In the middle of things. The good news is that we went and picked up our new family member this weekend. Because I think Craigslist pictures are horrible, I thought I’d take some to show it off to you. Bee-u-ti-ful. It’s beyond my expectations.   IMG_3550

When my daughter saw that the “secret” desk pulled out, I thought her jaw was going to drop to the floor. It was totally worth the drive. IMG_3544

What the pictures don’t necessarily show well is that it’s pretty scratched up. It definitely needs some work, and I definitely can’t wait to tackle it!


For those of you who might expect the after pictures soon, let me forewarn you. I’m waiting for this baby. My birthday is on its way, and this is what I’ll be getting. I should probably tell my husband that.

I’m not stuck on this model (Porter-Cable PSH1 Gravity Feed from Amazon). As a matter of fact, if you have recommendations, PLEASE share them with me. I’m a newbie to this stuff, so any extra help is much appreciated!


Something else I could use some help with? How to take a true-to-color picture of this room! Egads! This is by far the biggest project I’ve taken on, and it’s a slow process to say the least. I’m doing all the trim work myself (see the handsome MDF baseboards below?).  I figure my kids will be able to use their bathroom again just in time for prom. 


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