What’s in My Drawers

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I know I’m trying to be less original and more “findable” with my post titles, but this one was just a natural fit. By drawers, of course, I mean my craft dresser. I knew you’d ask, and you didn’t disappoint.  Ready to find out?


Paint, glitter, glue. Every crafter’s must-haves, right? Bins and tins are my saving grace. I didn’t want to get this room around and just throw everything into a drawer.


Remember when I showed you my ribbon organizer? Well, I didn’t say I had all my ribbon organized. At least all most of it’s in the same place. That’s a good start!


My sewing box (another must-have for me) and my glue guns. Needless to say, this drawer gets some use!IMG_3474

Now that my BFF has moved in, I decided she deserved her own drawer. First the drawer. If it works out, I’ll get her a key to my place.  Lots of vinyl, blades, etc. I also house all the cording I need to get work done.


Here’s a not so brilliant tip. I label all my cords so that I know what they’re for. If they don’t already have a tag, I simply wrap a piece of frog tape like below and write on it with a permanent marker. No more trying ten different cords when attempting to upload pictures to my laptop!IMG_3459

The #1 reason I wanted this storage dresser is for my waiting-to-be-altered items. I tend to give gifts for random reasons, so I always like to have some staples around. Ceramic tiles for coasters, tins for packaging, lots of stationery…blah,blah,blah.IMG_3462

Of course, now that I’ve taken out a lot of the office storage that my other desk provided, I had to leave a drawer for a couple of those supplies. I keep tape, envelopes, cards, hole punch and what not in here.  Now if I could just get my husband to remember that they’re in there.IMG_3461

The middle drawers are a work in progress, but here’s a horrible picture of what’s in there now. I don’t know how convenient it will be for my fabric, but I didn’t want to have visible piles. I also keep my craft table cloths in the top drawer. They’re a must.IMG_3467

So there you go. A look inside my drawers! I’ll stop there. I’m just immature enough to continue going with that one.

See you Friday!


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