The Story of a China Cabinet

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If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that there’s been an on-going saga involving a china cabinet--otherwise known as a pain in my bahoony.  It all started with my daughter’s room.


She had two pieces of furniture against one wall, and it was just taking up too much room. It came to me that I wanted to condense those pieces into something smaller. What I didn’t know is that I would sell both pieces in 22 minutes with a bidding war over the dresser. Woah.


So…the hunt for a china cabinet was on. Cabinet #1 was $50.00! I was in love! I was gonna marry it!  Unfortunately, someone else proposed to it 30 minutes before I did. I was heartbroken. Would I ever find something I loved this much?


China cabinet #2. Well, hello gorgeous. You’re quite stunning, and for $75.00, I think you and I could have a beautiful relationship. Too bad your owner never got back with me. My assumption? It was sold. WHY don’t Craigslisters know that it’s a common courtesy to let inquirers know that it’s not available anymore?


In comes china cabinet #3. YES! I love it. It’s mahogany; it has beveled glass; it’s in perfect condition! It’s $200.00. Ouch. Well, I’ve been saving money. I can afford this. I work. I earn, darn it! My final e-mail with the seller tells me that it’s only 70 inches high. It’s a deal breaker. For that kind of money, it needed to be taller. Again—heartbroken.


At this point, I’m feeling defeated. Perhaps this whole china cabinet idea is not meant to be. Perhaps I—wait…what’s that? WOW! She’s beautiful! She’s only $60.00?? There’s gotta be a catch.  There is. It’s 2 hours away.


What my little one doesn’t know is that it has a “secret” desk disguised as the top drawer. She’s been wanting a desk (hence the furniture sale I had), so this is brilliant!


I think my husband was so happy that I wouldn’t be spending $200, he actually agreed to make the 4-hour drive with me next weekend. We’re on week 6 of 8, so the fact that he’d take a day to do this means a lot. The moral of this story? Wait it out. Craigslist is a frugal buyer’s dream. It just might take a minute (or 120) to get there.

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