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It’s no secret that we are a family of baseball fans. In particular, fans of the Detroit Tigers.  The love of baseball has run in my family for generations, and my husband grew up in the same environment.  I’ve been struggling with how to display some of that history in my son’s room recently. That was, until, I was exposed to Canvas People.

You may not believe this (I was skeptical at first myself), but they offer FREE 8x10 canvas prints of any digital picture you send them. So here’s what I did with my canvas.

baseball canvas

I know that I could have easily chosen from dozens of family pictures, but I wanted something different. However, I wanted something very significant. We go to a number of Tigers’ games each year, and I took this picture last summer.

vintage baseball

When I saw it in my picture file, it was a no-brainer. Note to self: When your husband is more excited about a canvas than you are, you’ve probably chosen well.

baseball canvas

Once I had my inspiration, it was time to shop the house! Yee Hee! My husband has boxes upon boxes in the basement waiting for our basement to be finished. Confused yet?

baseball vignett

We have TONS of signed baseballs, so I chose a few of the most meaningful ones to display. Jackson’s favorite (signed by an ‘84 pitching coach) takes center stage.

autographed baseballs

The only new items are the vintage-looking metal signs (my son’s initials) I bought at Hobby Lobby. They were only $3.00 each. Not bad, eh?

tin signs

My favorite item is a Greyhound bus that my grandma gave to my son for Christmas a few years ago. I had no idea she even had it. She had it stored away from when she was a young teenager. Apparently, her and a friend were getting on “the new bus line in town”, and they were giving them to particular customers. I LOVE it, and I love the idea that she kept it stored away for so many years.

vintage greyhound bus

As we were cleaning out my grandparents’ home last summer, I found an old bat in their garage. I SO wish they would have had about 10 more. Don’t even ask how it’s hanging up there. Mostly on a wing and a prayer. Currently looking for a hanging system.

baseball collage

Here’s a little breakdown of everything I collected.  My husband’s brother did the carving for him when he was a little boy. It even has a little message on the back. How. cool.

antique baseball

I never would have imagined that one simple canvas would have spearheaded such a project, but I’m so pleased with the outcome. It became a way of merging our families’ love of baseball, and even if my son grows up hating baseball (he won’t if he knows what’s best for him), it makes me smile every time I look at it.

baseball vignette

I should clarify that I “upgraded” to an 11x14 (a few dollars).  You’d be surprised what a difference it makes in size! I’m so happy that I’ve got to share the information. Who wouldn’t like to take advantage of this with the holidays coming up? Here’s the info (in case you still don’t believe what a good deal this is).


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