Can’t Be Me Without Them

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I don’t know that I could possibly stress to you enough that I could not run this blog the way it is without the help of my sponsors. They are generous and kind and helpful. In addition, they are also trying to earn a living. Aren’t we all?  Please go check them out.
Thank you, sponsors!
Moms Helping Moms…do I really need to say more about such an awesome concept?
Saffron Marigold…You’ve seen their beautiful linens before. Now it’s time to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones. :)
The Blog Guidebook…It’s too good to be true. Everyone you want to visit and know about under one roof.


Handy Man, Craft Woman…Go visit. You will NOT be disappointed!
The Rusted Chain…Speaking of Christmas presents. Or Thanksgiving gifts.  People know the name of this company for a reason.
Silhouette…No. words. Madly in love with everything this company has offered me. 

Donahue Wellness…Shaklee products have changed the way I clean. If only I could get them to vacuum for me, too.Photobucket

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