Hallo Hallo Hallo-ween Y’all!

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Okay, I get it. Enough with the mantel already. But I’m done. You need to know!

halloween mantle

I decided to go with the black and cream theme (rhyme!) this year, but I just couldn’t get it the way I wanted it.

halloween sign

I remembered the ol’ scrapbook paper trick I did a couple years ago, and I knew I had just the paper for it. I simply taped it in the back.

black white candles

Yup. Lovin’ the height it needed.

halloween candles

I found this little witch in the costume department at Target. I think she was only $5.00, but knowing how I feel about witches, she was just the treat my mantel needed! Oh..I took off the ribbon she was hanging from and hot glued her onto some scrapbook paper.

glitter witch

What really makes my mantel stick out from all those “normal” ones is the fact that mine comes with its very own body. Bet yours doesn’t.

Orrrr just a really tired 8-year old who stayed up too late at her friend’s house.  While the picture quality suffers greatly when it’s gloomy out, it certainly affords some spooky mantel time for me. This is my favorite time to revel in the Halloweeniness. (Yes. Made it up.)halloween mantle

For a fun (and relatable) read, go visit Beth’s take on her Halloween mantel. It’s just one more reason I love blogging. We’re states away from each other, we’ve never even met, yet we’re sharing ideas and BFF’ing it up!

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