Spooksville Continues

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I hit up Target a couple weekends ago to see what they had in store (get it? in store? hilarious!) for the holidays. 

halloween vignette

I found the short pumpkin in their dollar section for $2.50. (Wait. I’m confused.) I thought it was cute, so I picked up a couple. The candle pillars were maybe $9.00 total. A DEAL for how much I’ll be using them!

natural pumpkins

Add in a consignment shop birdhouse, a dollar store bird, and a dollar store frame to complete the vignette! Cheap shopping at its finest, I tell ya!

halloween birdhouse

Earlier, I mentioned that I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on new Halloween decor. I’ve stayed pretty true to that. You try and walk away from that spooky cookie jar. It’s not as easy as it seems!

halloween cookie jar

Otherwise, I simply shopped the house. It’s amazing how you can feel like you have a bunch of new items simply by moving them from one place to another!

halloween cookie jar

Do you think that same concept will apply to him?


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