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Oh goodness. I think I should explain the mess in the dining room. I guess I assumed everyone hung on my every word and knew what the mess was from. Dar! Shame on me. Perhaps Carrie had it right?


Blogger Carrie said...

Love the chairs and they are quite the bargain! I might be thinking you guys need an episode of Hoarders dedicated to you. I'm just sayin'.

I mentioned sometime ago (well, around 8 weeks) that my husband was leaving  for 8 weeks to fulfill his career goal. You know, just doing typical stuff like this.
No biggie, right? So his work uniform is a little different from my dress pants and heels. What do you mean you can’t tell which one he is?! I’m offended.


Friday was his graduation from the training, and they thought it would be fun to rappel from an 8-story building in front of their wives and children. Hilarious.


That’s him on the right. Again, with the “I can’t tell”? I’m annoyed with you.


While I’m awfully proud of him, my most prevalent feeling is happiness that he’s finally home. This whole single, working mom is for the birds.  Well, birds who are really hard working. And don’t need any sleep.


So that’s why my dining room is a mess. It’s temporary or it’s divorce. If I step on one more tube of camo paint or see another gun belt on my couch, I just might send him back to training.  Maybe.


On a side note, I will exercise my right and absolute power to delete any comments that are spam or that say my kids look exactly like my husband. Consider yourself forewarned. :)

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