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Woah. The e-mails. I get a lot of questions about the colors used throughout my house, and if I were smarter, I would have typed up this post a long time ago.

It wasn’t until this weekend when I was trying to find out the color of someone’s living room that I understood. It took me forever to find it, and I quickly realized that maybe you go through the same thing here. There are some colors that I don’t know. Grr. I know. Sorry.

Let’s begin. The dining room.


The top half is Favorite Tan by Sherwin Williams. I love it because regardless of the light, it’s a beautiful color. The bottom half is a gloss white by Benjamin Moore (no mix).


The mudroom cabinets are Benjamin Moore’s Wind’s Breath.


I’ve been asked quite often about the finish. I’m all about DIY, but I had these professionally painted. It’s definitely better than my little sponge roller could have done!


The #1 inquiry? My daughter’s room. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Iced Green. Don’t let the name fool you. It’s definitely a blue. A perfect blue.



If you remember (and I’m sure it’s all you think about), this is the room that sent me to the hospital a while back. Bad memories, but good color. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Soft Chamois. She’s gonna get a little trimwork makeover in the next few months, by the way.


So far, my “go to” color has been Grant Beige. Again, it’s Benjamin Moore. I’ve used this color in my family room, mudroom, and garage. Yup…garage. You can read more about that here. IMG_5345_thumb[11]

The fireplace wall is just a shade darker than Grant Beige. It’s called Berkshire Beige. I wanted something a tinge deeper to really show off the chunky fireplace. It’s just enough that you don’t really notice the difference, but it makes me happy.


This picture shows a closer angle of the color, but the one above shows the subtle difference between it and the Grant Beige.


If I didn’t give you a room color it’s simply ‘cause I don’t know it. We have since disposed of the paint from when we built this house, and I’ve torn apart our files looking for swatches or names written down. No luck. So sorry!


This post will be part of a FAQ page that I’m working on. As a matter of fact, I’m diligently working on making my blog more “reader friendly” in general. I hope this helps!

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