2010: In a Nutshell

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Another year gone by? Really? This is the point where I start to think, “Did I even do anything this year?” and my friend Rhoda from Southern Hospitality decides to have a party to remind myself that I did!

Perhaps the largest undertaking was also the most rewarding. Board and batten treatments were quite the “blog rage” this year, and I’ve never looked back since completing mine. I’m simply in love.


You can read more about it (including specifics about the how-tos) here, here, and here.


The year also included some other projects around the house. Making the office into my craft room was a moment of genius (albeit much delayed genius), and I had fun putting the girly touches on it.

This girly lamp wasn’t so girly when I purchased it. We’re talkin’ eww to ahh here, people.


Adding some spray paint to an organizer helped me to organize my obsession with love of stationery.


Then there’s the ol’ “fly by the seat of my pants” project that made me swear like a truck driver. If you’re a truck driver who swears a lot. When reupholstering chairs.


What’s a craft room without organization? I was in some definite need of storage space, so I resorted to a $23.00 beauty (that didn’t start out that way) to add to the space. Just another one of those love at second site things.

craft room cherry blossom

Organizing. It makes my heart flutter with delight.  I gutted by laundry room cabinets and prettified them with spray painted bins and colorful ribbon. How can you go wrong with those elements?


Speaking of colorful ribbon (nice segue, huh?) Some chopped up cardboard and a dollar store basket changed my life—well, the life of my ribbon—by keeping it all together.


I was able to use a picture-turned-canvas as my inspiration for a baseball wall for my son’s room. Unfortunately, this is temporary. Yup. 2011 will bring some major changes for this room. Until then, appreciate the baseball nostalgia.


And with a year-end wrap up, would it really be fair to exclude the holidays? Remember any of these around here? You can click on the pictures to go there.



Well there you have it. Some highlights of 2010 at JaG’s place! The good thing is that now I’m looking forward to the new year—which includes new projects! That’s normal, right?

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