The Wishmas Tree

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 I started thinking that I push the idea of thankfulness at Thanksgiving, but then I turn around and encourage the kids to “make Christmas lists”, “think of what you want for Christmas” blah, blah, blah. I spotted this little tree at Lowes, and a light bulb literally went on over my head.

small green tree

When I brought it home, I cut up some strips of craft paper and was ready to tackle the decorating. If you ever take on a similar project, I have one piece of advice—don’t get overly wordy in explaining it to your little ones. Kids apparently “get it” that you want them to think outside themselves every once in a while. They made that very clear to me.

wish for Haiti

The concept was simple. While we sat down for lunch, the kids were to come up with wishes for other people this holiday season. I tried to keep the guidance to a minimum, and they came up with the most heartwarming wishes. Some were more universal…

army wish

Some were reflective of what 8-year olds are thinking about right now…

santa wishes

And some made me cry…

scrapbook paper cra

Some coffee filters served as a little bit of filler, but the decorating was left up to the wishes. I think I’m in love.

wishmas tree

So that leaves me with my wish. I wish for all of my blog friends—my blog family—to have a safe and happy holiday. I am so thankful for your comments of encouragement, your words of advice, and your ability to make me laugh. THANK YOU!

mini tree

I’m off to visit family for a few days. I’ll be back next week! Stay safe!

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