Christmas Vignette

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It’s no surprise that I am late for a party. Rhoda’s having a vignette party. Well, had a vignette party. I’m showing up right around the time that the last guest is leaving, and she’s turning off the lights to go to bed. Oops.

glittered reindeer

It’s been a little busy around here lately, but the decorating is coming around! It all started with this blue tree. Can I get an “Amen!” Love it.

blue christmas tree

It was half off at Hobby Lobby. Naturally, that meant I had to buy two. (You’ll see the other one later.) The ornaments came in a package at Target for $4.00. I wired them on with some floral wire and snipped off the excess . You can’t even see it.

aqua christmas tree

I found this little beauty at Marshalls (I think), and it’s a good thing it was the last one. I might have gone a little crazy with a whole herd (flock? gang? school?) of glittered reindeer. Looks pretty cute with the ornament I made, eh?

gold reindeer

In an effort to show off my laziness resourceful-ness, I kept the basket I used for my fall vignette. Sticking some candles and glittered ornaments in there Christmasfies it.

blue christmas

blue christmas

Put it all together, and what d’ya get? A simplified, festive, blue Christmas. A good blue Christmas. Not one that you’re all depressed about or anything. That would be weird. Why would I decorate for a depressing Christmas? 

blue christmas vignette 

Go check out Rhoda’s holiday party! Beautiful inspiration abounds!

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