Inexpensive Teacher Gifts

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And when I say inexpensive, I mean chee to the eep. I went to Lowes and shopped their tile department. They had simple white tiles for $.16 a piece. Yup. Six…teen…cents.

snowflake tiles

The ol’ handy dandy Silhouette machine came to the rescue once again. I found some cute snowflakes that were a pain the bahoony to line up right so easy to place on the tiles! The Silhouette made it SO easy to get these cut out, but the intricacy of the snowflakes weren’t all that easy to place. It took me two episodes of Modern Family—not too bad.

snowflake coaster

I hot glued some cork sheet to the bottom of each one and wrapped them with some ribbon.  Wal Mart has a beautiful section of wide satin ribbon. I make sure to stock up on it every time I go in. The width of it also helped to keep the tiles from sliding around.

teacher coasters

I bought $5.00 gift cards from Starbucks for each teacher. I wasn’t impressed with the envelope they came in, so I turned to my Silhouette once again. Of COURSE they had a gift card envelope to cut! Why wouldn’t they?


Some coordinating paper I had on hand worked out perfectly. I considered punching a hold in it to thread it on with some ribbon, but it stayed put quite nicely. I left it as is.

teacher gift

You ready for a total on this one? Let’s see. $5.00 + $.16 x 4= (pause to ask my husband) $5.64!! Yahoooony!

teacher gifts

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