Wrapping Presents: Keep it Simple

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I tend to get a number of comments about my wrapping paper. I think I need to let it be known that I would love to spend more time on my wrapping. The idea of giving a beautifully wrapped gift is an important element of gift-giving to me. 

However, when it comes to Christmas wrapping, it’s a matter of survival for me. How can I wrap 6,319 gifts without drowning in the time it takes?

Here’s how…

polka dot wrapping paper

I keep my paper and tag choices to a minimum, and I use jute, twine (are they the same?), and yarn to wrap them.  In the past, I found that half of my wrapping time was spent choosing the paper for the person or finding different coordinating bows to wrap them with. Indecisiveness, be gone! It’s so much easier now.

gift tags

And here’s the result I get from it…

easy gift wrap  easy wrapping

I can’t tell you how much easier and faster this process is, and I highly recommend it. What I do NOT recommend is to continue buying different holiday papers because you just can’t help it when you see them in the store.  It kind of defeats the financial benefits.

simple gift wrap

So when wrapping Christmas presents, perhaps you could consider the three F’s 1. Festive 2. Fun 3. Fast. Of course, maybe your F’s are 1. Fondue 2. Floral wire 3. Fushigi. That would be just as acceptable, I’m sure.

easy christmas wrap

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