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Well, I’m certainly not one to miss out on a stream of parties, so I felt the need to participate with Sarah’s Christmas tree tour. Consider yourself forewarned, however. There are lots of pictures!

red green tree

Anyone who’s taken a picture of your Christmas tree understands just what a pain in the mistletoe it really is. I probably tried 4,263 settings on my camera to get it acceptable. Nothing’s as good as seeing it in person, is it?

country christmas tree

The thing about living in Michigan is that once Christmas ends, it simply signals the beginning of a long, cold winter ahead. Because of that, I like my tree to be warm and cozy—the opposite of the weather I’m walking in from! (Notice the snow in the background.)

red burlap christmas tree

As for how to make it cozy, it means warm colors, natural tones, and some obvious texture. My ornaments are a mishmash of glitz and and simplicity. I blend glittered berry garland with cut up strips of burlap, and I like a sparkly ornament next to a wood cut-out.

I bought the red and green ones from various stores, but I picked up a ton of unfinished craft ornaments last year. Since the most expensive one ran me about $ .50, I was more than happy to use plenty of them. They are my favorite ornaments on the tree!

                    let it snow      snowflake ornament

   snowflake ornament        glitter ornament     

   glittered pear        rustic ornament

          house ornament      red ornament

I guess this isn’t too bad of a reward to receive after a white-knuckled drive home from work! Of course, some hot cocoa and an 8-year old who won’t stop practicing for her Christmas concert always helps, too!

christmas family room

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