A Guest Post by Maximus

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It is me. Maximus. You may know me as The Nemesis, but privately my mom calls me Bubbers, Bubbaloo, Bubber-bears, or Dummy. It just depends on the moment.


I thought it would be a good idea to write about my favorite moment of the day. Oh sure..I love when Dad wrestles with me or when I sit on Mom snuggle by Mom in front of the fire, but this? This is the big one.


Mom comes home, let’s me outside, and I sit. I know what’s coming. Well, I think I do. There are days when I wonder if she’s letting me out in the hopes I just keep walking, but I’m simply too lazy for that.


I think I smell something, but I quickly realize it’s just me. Alright, so “quickly” might be a bit of an exaggeration. Mom says the only thing I do quickly is scarf down a whole birthday cake.


I resume the wait. My buttocks are cold, but if I walk around, I risk missing it. My ears stand on the ready.


Do you see my ears? They’re on the ready. That’s dog talk, by the way.


Wha..wait. Something’s going on. It’s either them or that mangy cat that beat me up last summer. Don’t make fun. This cat is tough.


Hold…..hold….stay calm…


Here it is! It’s the moment!


Alert! Alert! Danger! Stand down...it’s just a 9-year old neighbor. Whew. Thought it might be the cat.

IMG_6291 IMG_6292

Love and adore me, kids. I’ve waited all. day. for this.




Thanks for letting me guest post today. Mom keeps saying stuff like “Gotta cook dinner!” and “Why isn’t this house ever clean?” Really wish I could help her with that. As you can see, this blogging thing has worn me out. How does she do it?


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