The Valentine’s Touch

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So….Valentine’s Day is coming. I wasn’t even going to put anything out until my daughter reminded me that “it’s a holiday, Mom” “that’s what we do.” Huh. Who’s her mother?!

I’ve expressed my feelings before about Valentine’s Day. Small. Doses. It won’t work if it looks like Cupid threw up all over your house. Unless you like Cupid. And vomit.

beaded heart

I guess if your house looked like this, what difference would just a little more red make?

I find that I’m pretty conscious about how I go about this holiday that too many people overdo holiday of love. A small touch of red or hearts can go a long way. Case in point?

Valentine's decoration

One of my favorite decorations is one that has a little ribbon to hang it from. I think they’re pretty universal. Anywhere you have a little knob or thin candle, these hang wonderfully! There’s usually a feather ornament here, but this little heart does quite well in its place.

floral heart

Why, yes. That frame does still say Hobby Lobby. Why, no. I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon.

valentines decor

Well, looky here. Another heart from a ribbon. The frame houses a picture of my husband and me, but we don’t mind being smothered by a giant beaded heart.

valentines ornament

It’s a cute touch, and it can easily be removed. On February 15th. At 12:01am.

beaded heart

I finally tried my hand at a pennant craft, and it nearly broke me. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted, but I think it turned out cute (and simple). I used my Silhouette to cut out the flags (genius!), and stuck some little letters on there. Done.

valentine pennant

I used thin jute/twine, and it wasn’t quite the effect I was going for. It works, though, and I’m liking it in this space.

love pennant

A little touch here, a little dash there. I can live with that.

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