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I have to say that I am having the best time reading all your responses and words of encouragement about the loss of my mojo! You’ve made me laugh and feel all fuzzy inside. Thank you SO much! Hooray for hardworking moms, eh?!


As a means of being a better blogger, I have decided I’ll just have to utilize my weekends better. In the meantime, I thought I’d show you the in-betweens. I tend to be really good at those.

Remember the china hutch I bought back in ‘83 for my daughter’s room?


This is where we are currently. I know it should be done by now. I have a paint, wait several days, paint work ethic. Another coat, and it should be good to go! Not long now.


Then there’s that “quick” bathroom remodel. It looked like this about a month ago…


And here it is now. Don’t ask me about the lighting in this room. Not. in the mood.  


And lastly (not really lastly—I’m just tired of listing all my undone projects!), there’s the master bedroom. Doesn’t it look like the romantic haven it should be? It’s been like this for 7 years 7 months, and I’m over it. The redo should be complete soon. I hope.


Okay. Enough about me and my “when will she ever finish these?” projects. How about you share some things with us? Inspire and enlighten! No pressure or anything. :)

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