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I’ve had a couple of e-mails lately from some pretty awesome readers! I LOVE the opportunity to share some talent with blog land, and I really hope they get the attention they deserve. Enjoy!

First up is an all-year wreath from Lindsay at That’s So Cuegly.


This could be one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve seen in some time! What’s even better is the detailed tutorial that’s offered. How cool that we can copy it, eh? Love that!

All year wreath  changeable wreath

Nancy from A to Zebra Celebrations turned a guestroom into her very own Mom Cave!

A To Zebra Celebrations

The organization of it alone had my heart palpitating. I WANT one of those paper racks! what a wonderful space!

craft room

pink mom cave

She continues to show you a bunch of before/after pictures (which are my favorites), so go say “hello” and “can we be friends?”, won’t you?

Okay. I’ll see you on Friday for Show and Share Day! I know. If I were cool, I would have a button that actually matches my blog. Just squint your eyes and pretend I’m cool anyway, ok?

show and share

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