SAS Day and a Tutorial

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I had several questions about the “towel rack” in the bathroom. It all started with the knobs. I found them at Hobby Lobby, and I immediately fell in love. I’m pretty sure it was my practical husband who accused me of “buy now/think later-itus”.

Nautical bathroom

What I didn’t think about at the time of purchase is how they were actually going to attach to the shelf. Oh, that and the fact that there was no way the towels were even going to stay on the rounded, slippery knobs. Woops.

Nautical towel rack

I spouted something like, “I’m sure you can make it work” to my husband when it came to attaching the knobs, and I went to work on the towels. I laid the towel out on the table to measure out the center.

kohls towel

I went through my ribbon selection to match something up. It didn’t have to be fancy really. I just wanted something that was somewhat sustainable.

towel hook

Once the center was measured out, I attached a three-inch stretch of ribbon and ran it through the sewing machine. I chose a surger stitch. No, that’s not the actual name. It’s just the stitch that I goes back and forth a lot. I thought it would hold better.

Towel Hook tutorial

We got a little lucky when it came to the knobs. They came with a little decorative screw in the center, but hubby replaced it with a black screw so it could drill right into the shelf. I didn’t take any pictures of this process because I was thinking about what was best for my marriage. He was not too happy about having to figure this out. :)

Coastal Towel Rack

When it was all said and done, the towels just got slipped over the “hooks” and were ready to go. I will say that this system has worked out brilliantly for the kids! No more wet towels all over the floor—totally worth the marital risk!

Okay. It’s your turn! I’ve got some highlights from the past couple of weeks to show you. You people are so talented!

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