Savings and SAS Day

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Remember days ago when I said, “I’m back!” Well…now I’m back. What can I say? Life gets in the way. Sounds like a song…eh? Alright, I’ll stop.

I have more to tell you about it next week, but essentially my craft room is a chaotic mess right now. I’m going in a new direction. I’m selling furniture. I’m buying furniture. Busy times, little craft room!

I wanted a desk designated just for sewing. I can’t possibly be the exception here, but I feel like I always have something to sew. A hem here, a pair of pants there… So I was on the hunt for a small desk. And then I found it. 

Jonathan Adler knew exactly what I was looking for and made this desk just. for. me. The sleek shape, the sexy lines, the shiny legs--drool-worthy, I tell ya.

click to view full size

And then he put a $1750.00 price tag on it. Say WHA? I said $1,750.00!! I couldn’t even afford the tax on it. Sigh. Good bye, desk.

click to view full size

Never fear, however. I spotted Josephine, and it was love at first site! She was only $200, and I had a 25% off coupon. Take that, Jonathan!

Before you look at these pictures, let me ask that you refrain from sending hate mail. It is NOT accessorized or functional yet. I simply wanted to show you her beauty.

world market desk

She fits into the space perfectly, and I’ve already used the sewing machine since putting it in its new home. Who cares if I had to sew while on my knees? I’m on the look out for one luscious “sewing” chair, and it should be all set.

josephine desk

So that’s what I’ve been up to. It took me a whole week to put a desk up against a wall. I’m going to guess your week was more creatively productive. That’s your cue! Link on up for me!

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