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For the first time in a while, my husband had the weekend off. So you know what that means, don’t you? I got nothing done. No spray painting, no hot gluing, and no decorating. Sorry.

In an effort to save face, I did do a couple of things. Namely, laundry. See? I’ve got baskets to prove it.

laundry room

So here’s a dilemma. I washed a couple loads of whites, and these are all the socks I washed for my kids.


And here’s what I washed for myself. If you refer back to exhibit A (otherwise known as the first photo), you’ll notice that there are only three baskets for a 4-basket family. I don’t get a basket. Who needs a basket for a sock?


In addition to some laundry, I did end up decorating for Easter. Yes, that’s it. Don’t hate.

Easter salt and pepper shakers

And lest we forget, I’m always cleaning up after this guy. This is how I found him yesterday morning. He finally found a dog bigger than him…and sat on him.


Between parent/teacher conferences, baseball and softball practices, and an out-of-town husband, posts may be harder to come by this week. Anyone have any Calgon?

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