Pottery Barn Outlet=BFF

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Well, I don’t have a PB outlet (nor do I have a HomeGoods, but I won’t talk about that right now. Sensitive subject), but my Mom does! Guess who went back home for Easter and totally scored? Me. I did.

My intention was to find a rug. You know, thee rug. No such luck. My mom, however, bought my daughter this duffle bag for Easter. The website is selling it for $70. The outlet is selling it for $30. Say wha?

Jet-Set Duffle, Dark Coffee Berkeley

And now for the best part. I’ve been looking for a counter-height craft desk for months now. No exaggeration. I finally conceded that I would just have to make one myself. While I was not happy about that idea, I figured it was my only option. Plus, I knew it would probably cost me more than I wanted to spend.

Until….PB stepped it up. This is currently on sale for $450. Take a moment to soak that in. With tax and shipping, we’re talking about a small desk for over $500. Huh?

Pottery Barn craft desk

So this is actually the one I found. I don’t want a dark desk, but as I examined it a little more closely, I realized that we just might be a perfect match. You wanna know the price, don’t you?Pottery Barn craft desk

Here’s how the markdowns went on the tag…





$99 (another 10% off)


While it doesn’t come without its hiccups, I’m willing to invest a little work into it. Other than the scratches on top, it’s in perfect condition. Well, it will be when I finish it up.

Pottery Barn desk Of course, it’ll have to wait its turn. I am FINALLY done with the pain in my butt cabinet, and now I’m just letting it dry another night before I put it back together. Soooo close.

white hutch

I’ve gotta dress her up a bit, and I’ll be back. Until then, a word of advice for you—when in doubt about ordering something from Pottery Barn, try their outlets first!

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