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If you’re anything like me, you’re spending today buying eggs to dye, looking for Easter basket goodies, and eating a lot of Reese’s peanut butter eggs.

If you’re nothing like me, you’re spending the weekend telling your husband how high to hang the shelves that you want up, watching him hang the new (one you’ve had for 10 months) light fixture, and enjoying the smell of your freshly washed Nemesis.

How about we enjoy a couple of favorite Easter link ups that I’ve seen?

The V Spot shows us how to make cute Robin’s eggs AND a nest to put it in. Me likey!

It’s Always a Party at the Parkers (aka Shindig Parties to Go)—do I really need to say anything? It speaks for itself, really. Go see how she did it!


Ramblings from the  Sunshine State made a bunch of Easter eggs out of cookie dough. They’re all so pretty together! Go see!

And lastly—I really need this contest to end soon because I hate talking about it. However, I must not hate it that much that I won’t bring it up. I sure would appreciate a positive vote on either (both?) of the rooms I entered.

The Designer In You

Bathroom                                                 Dining Room


Onto bigger and better things! How ‘bout linking up your projects to share with everyone? We sure do learn from you!

Happy Easter!

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