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I’ve been awfully bad at highlighting Show and Share Day link-ups. Forgive me. This week left me wanting to feature everyone, but I think that might be a really long post. Here’s some highlights!

Blooming Homestead made an easy, simple, charming Easter frame that I’m in love with. Let’s just stare at it for a while, shall we?

Easter art

Not only do I love a.steed’ gallery wall, but she offers some really cool/helpful tips on how to develop it. Gallery walls can be tricky, but she pulled it off!

gallery wall

Not sure why, but I’m digging anything with license plates right now. Perhaps because I’m revamping my son’s room soon? Of course, it helps that Roly Poly Farm made her mirror out of Michigan plates. Hollah!

license plate art

You just can’t go wrong with onesies and a cute tie. I love the fabric Curds and Whey chose for these sweet things!

embellished onesie

I’m still debating on my favorite part of this picture. The homemade jar that Love Sweet Love made, the colorful print behind it, or the chocolate inside the jar. If you know me at all, you know the answer to that.

spring candy jar

Oops!Redone took an old iron bed and made it into THIS! First of all, not many people would be crazy brilliant enough to tackle this project, but she chose the color of perfection. I love the color!green bed

Salt and Grace just had a daughter get married, and this was the dessert table. Head over to see the charming/rustic wedding pictures. They’re swoon-worthy.

glitter cupcakes

Can’t Stop Making Things shouldn’t stop making things. She turned this ugly ol’ wabbit into a functional and adorable chalkboard. I want one.

chalkboard bunny

Oh, we’ve seen dresser transformations before, but  House on a Hill took it one step further. The lining in the drawers…it’s one of those “why am I too lazy to do that to my furniture" moments. Head over to see the rest of it!

drawer liner

$55.00. For a Bombay chest. That just doesn’t happen. Well,  This Home of Ours stepped it up a notch and made it a piece of art. It turned out so great, and I love that she had the courage to do it!

Bombay chest

The Designer In You

And lastly, if you haven’t had the chance, would you mind voting a “thumbs up” for my entries in this contest? I spoke more about it here, and I’m embarrassed to say it again. I also turn the channel on the TV when something embarrassing happens. It’s a nervous/awkward thing. I digress…

If you click on the words below, it should take you right over to the voting page. Thanks so much!

Bathroom                      Dining Room


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