Rugs: They Ain’t Cheap!

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Well, in true JaG form, I’m itchin’ to do something to my daughter’s room. While it’s generally piled with clothes and Barbie dolls, I just feel like it’s a little “flat” when it’s actually clean. I’m SO close to having this cabinet done for her room, but Michigan weather just doesn’t allow it.

tree mural

I figured the easy fix would be to get a rug in her room. You know, warm it up a bit, right? Break up the monotony of the floor. Easy peasy! Yeah, right. Let me show you the contenders after researching 1,745 sites for one.

#1. LOVE it. What’s wrong? It’s on Ebay. And that’s not even an actual picture of the rug! How in the world am I going to order a drawing of a rug. Verdict is still out on it as I wait for an actual picture from the seller—possibly.

pink trellis rug

#2. Again, with the LOVE. What’s wrong? It’s too dark. And it’s $239. ‘Nuff said.

Green Damask Mystique Rug

And here’s where Pottery Barn comes in. It HAD to be Pottery Barn.

#3. I love the pattern in it. What’s wrong? The pink seems a little purply to me, and I wouldn’t mind a mix of green in there somewhere. I’m nervous about too much pink. Price? $299. For a rug. In a kid’s room.

Trellis Rug

#4. Oh wait. Here’s something a little cheaper. And it has the pink and green in it. Nevermind. It looks like a beach towel. Price? $169. We’re getting there, people!

Border Chenille Rug

And finally? #5. My love. My passion. My desire. Price? $299. Come ON! Can’t I catch a break here?

Polka Dot Border Rug

I turned to Ebay and found it for $239. Hmmm…it’s not quite as obnoxious, but really?

Pottery Barn girls rug

So that’s where I am. Stuck searching for a rug that might not exist. I’m pretty madly in love with it, and I know what that means. It just might have to be mine. I’m frugal. I save. I DIY, darn it! Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pay the money.

Pottery Barn girls room

At least that’s what I’m telling myself right now. Why can’t Pottery Barn offer 40% off coupons every Sunday like my other favorite stores?

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