Southern Style Home Placemats

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Truth be told, I don’t gussy up my table for meals. Unless you count using something other than paper plates for lunch. Then I would consider it gussied. However, I recently received a set of quilted placemats and napkins from Judy, and I was compelled to take it up a notch.

lilac centerpiece

Judy’s shop offers a number of items for your home, and as I’ve said before—when I find something/someplace I like, I want to share it with you! She was so patient with me (and my indecisiveness), yet she was quick and professional (note: no indecisiveness) when I finally figured out the direction I was going.

I couldn’t help but do a little photo shoot of them. Of course, the neighbor’s 10-foot lilac bush was screaming for a little photo action, too.

blue white placemats

It’s at moments like these that I wonder if I’m the only one who sets oddly insignificant goals for themselves. Since I don’t really fancy the table up too much, it’s not like I had a storage room full of accessories. My goal? Don’t buy anything for it. Uhhhh ok.

quilted placemats

I almost succeeded. Wanna know how? The tablecloth is a sheet I had upstairs. The centerpiece—a.k.a. la-la-lovely lilacs—free from neighbor. The dishes? Dollar Store—4 plates, $4.00. Everything else I had on hand.

reversible placemats

I’m so angry at myself for not showing the reverse side of the placemats and napkins! Hello…it was the whole reason I chose them in the first place! The picture below will take you right to the ones I have.Reversible placemats

I’m over-the-moon happy with them, and I can’t help but recognize it if I feel I receive good service. If you’re on the lookout for table dressings or home decor in general (and I know you are!), head on over to Southern Style Home Decor.

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